Friday, April 1, 2011

11 Months of Sara Beth

Happy 11 Month Birthday, Sara Beth!

     Sara Beth is almost one! Really? Already? She gets more lovable every day! I've started planning her birthday party and I think it's going to be really cute. I'm getting excited! This month we've been playing outside a lot since the weather has been so nice lately. Every Tuesday we go to story time at library and then afterwards have a picnic at the park with our friends. Sara Beth loves to listen to the songs that they sing at story time! She and Tristen always enjoy themselves. Earlier this month, we took SB to Gymboree for a learn and play class. Her friend, Tristen, gave us a pass for a free class. I couldn't believe how much fun she had! I thought she would just watch the other kids play, but no way. She was leading the pack most of the time. With her birthday coming up, I see a few months of classes in her future. She is growing like a weed! Even some of her 12 month clothes are getting too small. Here are her monthly milestones for March:
  • She got her first haircut. We just couldn't take it any longer. Her bangs were down to her nose. It looked cute if we pulled it to the side with a bow, but once she learned the word "bow" she started taking her bow out all the time. Adam got to do the honor of cutting her hair for the first time. Her new look took some getting used to, but it's nice to finally get her hair out of her face.
  • She took her very first steps this month! We've seen her take 2 or 3 at a time so far. She'll be running before we know it!
  • After 4 months of having only her bottom 2 teeth, she finally has some more coming in. Four teeth are coming in all at once on the top. She's been a little cranky lately, but nothing too bad. These new teeth will definitely help with the chewing.
  • We've given her table food a few times now. She ate curry and stir fry with us. She's also been eating a lot of cottage cheese and yogurt. I've been having a hard time finding finger foods that are soft enough to eat with only 2 teeth. Her favorites right now are carrots and banana, although she will eat almost anything that you give her.
  • She likes to pick up the remote or a cellphone and pretend that she is talking to someone. She usually says "Yeah" and "bye, bye" while it's up to her ear.
  • She's expanding her vocabulary at a rapid pace. This month she's added "hi", "yeah", "car", "flower", "bird", "duck", and "quack, quack". She can also respond correctly when you ask her what a dog, duck, or elephant says. Smarty pants!
  • She started trying to feed herself with a spoon, but it was short-lived. Now she just dumps it on the floor.
  • She is like a little tornado in the kitchen! While I'm trying to cook or clean, she is opening every drawer and taking all of the contents out. For those of you that know me well, you know that this is stretching me to my limit. :)

    Sara Beth and Tristen being baby geniuses at the park (1+5)
  • Having a blast at Gymboree
    Hanging out with her cousins, Maddy and Shelby
    Sunday after church at Nonni and Opa's house


Nonni said...

11 months of pure J O Y !!!

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