Monday, October 14, 2013

John David is 5 Months Old (better late than never)

     Life has been busy, busy, busy lately. So busy, that I haven't sat down to write John David's 5 month post yet. He's 5 1/2 months old now, but I figure better late than never. I love to look back on these monthly posts to see how much he's grown.

At 5 months old, John David. . .
- is sitting up! He started showing off his new trick on his 5 month birthday.
- drools a lot and puts everything in his mouth. There is major teething going on right now. A bottom tooth is just beginning to pop through.
- has outgrown most of his 9 month clothes and is now wearing 12 month clothes.
- weighs about 17 pounds. He's still our big boy!
- is still not interested in rolling over. I think he will walk before he decides that rolling over is worth his effort.
- has a tight grip. He grabs onto anything he can (especially our hair).
- likes to copy sounds. It's hilarious to watch him copy the way Adam laughs. The dinner table is a fun place at our house.
- has a favorite book. His favorite book is Little Blue Truck by far! He giggles, smiles, tries to grab the pages, and kicks his feet.
- went on his first family vacation (to Las Vegas to visit our friends). He did great on the plane ride!
- has spent a lot of time with Mommy at physical therapy sessions. I've been trying to get my knee back to 100%, so he has to come with me most of the time. The PTs carry him around or I play with him while I do the exercises.
- has the best smile EVER! He is a very happy baby and smiles at everyone he meets.
- loves his sister! He lights up when she talks to him.
- gets called "Little Man", "Bud", or "Buddy" more than his actual name. He is finally starting to recognize and respond to his name now!
- sucks his thumb constantly.
- doesn't like laying down anymore (unless he's sleepy). He much prefers sitting up in the Bumbo chair or trying to balance on his own.
- still sleeps soundly through the night.

Here are a few pictures from this month. I wish I had more to post, but my computer is broken right now so I only have the pictures that were on the camera card. Maybe I'll add a few more when we finally cough up the money to get it fixed. Hmm...
Celebrating 5 months while we were in Vegas

Meeting Luke Herbeck. I wonder if they will be good friends like SB and Owen.

Such a good baby! This is what he did on his first flight.

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