Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bikes, Trikes, and One Sweet Friend

     Here's the back story on Tristen, in case you didn't know already. Tristen and Sara Beth were born two weeks apart in the same hospital room. We met his mom and dad, Diana and Justin, through Adam's racing. Since T and SB were born, Diana and I have become good friends and we get the babies together as much as we can. Tristen is a sweetheart and is very energetic! Sara Beth always learns new things from watching him on the move.
     Today we celebrated Tristen's first birthday with an outdoor party at his grandma's house. The theme was vintage bicycles and tricycles. It was so adorable! Diana did a great job pulling it all together! Sara Beth's favorite part was the ball pit. My favorite part was the personalized Jones soda bottle. Here are a few pictures from the party today.
Ball pit fun!

He's famous!

The beautiful cake table

Sara Beth trying out T's tricycle

My two favorite people in the world

Flattering, I know. But, look at those two new top teeth!

Time for cake

A wagon of ice is better than any toy


Jaime said...

What a neat birthday party idea! I can't wait to see what you have planned for Sara Beth's :)

Elizabeth said...

Looks like fun! Sara Beth is beautiful! I can't get over how much she and Audrey have both grown...I know it happens, but the time sure seems to have flown by!

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