Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SB's Food Adventures

Sara Beth is a great eater! So far, she has been very adventurous with what she eats (basically anything we put in front of her). We are super-happy about that, too! What in the world would I do with a picky eater in my house? This weekend, her daddy made her mini-pancakes for the first time (no syrup yet though). It was the first of many yummy, special weekend breakfasts I'm sure. For dinner this week, I made her lentil "burgers" with a mint yogurt sauce for dipping. I got the recipe from my baby food cookbook. These aren't fabulous pictures, but they tell the story nonetheless. Enjoy!
One of our messiest meals yet

But oh so yummy!

Mini pancakes for SB and big pancakes for us


Carol said...

Yes, God knew just what you needed...a baby who loves your cooking!

Jonell Hart said...

That girl knows what's good! Those pancakes look great, but I can't tell what kind of animals they are! (haha)

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