Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reversible Dress 101

Rule #1: Never sew the bottom of the dress together before you try to flip it.
Rule #2: Never work on a new sewing project when you are already exhausted.

     I mentioned in a previous post about wanting to make a reversible version of this dress. I thought, "No problem! This will be easy!" Well, I was WRONG! What I thought would be done in an hour took me all evening long. It might have had something to do with the fact that I was dead tired from working up at school all day or that I had no idea what I was doing. Either way, it's done. It's full of imperfections (that I will not list here because then you'll notice them too), but I think it still ended up being pretty darn cute! Next time, it will be a snap since I know how to do it now. At least I hope so!


The Shoemakers said...

It's very cute! You should see the first (and only) dress I sewed. U did great!

Jaime said...

You definitely get an "A" for effort. I just made Olivia another dress and it is FULL of mistakes. I'm glad my Aunt Laney won't be here to see it :)

Mrs. Jonell said...

I love it Brandi! I think it turned out so cute, despite the (very few and very small) imperfections! Maybe if Nonni knew more about sewing reversible dresses, or if Nonni had a more sophisticated sewing machine, it would have been a little less frustrating...haha! And you are time it will be a snap!

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