Wednesday, September 1, 2010

L.O.C.O. Fest

      Our local mountain biking club had their annual race, Locofest, this past weekend. Adam has been training hard for this race so of course we were there to support him. Sara Beth was decked out in all her biking clothes, complete with a temporary tattoo. She looked so cute! She and I sat with Nicole Spikes and Eli and waited for a glimpse of the racers as they emerged from the woods. Eli had fun playing in the dirt and with his toy trucks on the rocks. Sara Beth took a nap. Adam ended up getting sick and not finishing as well as he would have liked. It didn't matter to Sara Beth though. . . she knows her daddy is the BEST, no matter what!
Adam is the one with orange bike.
 Eli and his dad, Jeff Spikes. Too bad the only picture I got of him was of him crying.


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