Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growing Up Together

     If you've been following my blog or keeping up with me on facebook, I'm sure you remember Tristen. He and Sara Beth are just 2 weeks apart (born in the same hospital room too) and we've had lots of opportunities to get them together in the past 5 months. On Monday, I had the privilege of keeping him for a few hours for his mom and dad. Now, I think I've done the babysitting thing all of about one time in my entire life. But since I'm a mother now, I figured I could handle this. After all, Tristen's parents trusted me with him. I'm happy to report that all went well in the land of babysitting! It did make me think I was crazy for wanting twins though. What was I thinking? Sara Beth and Tristen had fun playing together. It sure did help that Tristen is sitting up on his own now. Here are a few pictures from our day together. Enjoy two of the most precious babies you'll ever meet!


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