Friday, December 10, 2010

My name is Trouble!

     I haven't had much time to blog (or sew, shop, cook, breathe, etc.) lately. Miss Sara Beth is very mobile now and into everything. She requires my full attention--every bit of it! What tiny bit of energy left in me, I've been using to finish the piles of work for my two online graduate classes. When I'm overwhelmed, which is about every other day, Adam likes to remind me that taking these classes is allowing me to stay home with SB. I know! I know! But, can't a girl whine about it anyway? Here are some pictures from our precious little troublemaker. We love her, by the way! 
In laundry basket jail

Trying to play with the kitty's toys. Notice how dirty her backside is!

Climbing on the dog's bed

On a side note. . . Adam did a fabulous job decorating our house for Christmas this year! We have the prettiest house on the block! Merry Christmas!


Jonell Hart said...

Her name is "C-U-T-E" !!! She is a scooter-bug, that's for sure! You are allowed to whine! (But don't forget to call Nonnie & Opa for some relief ANYTIME you need it!)

P.S. The house looks beautiful!!

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