Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet, Sweet 7 Months

     Sara Beth is 7 months old today. Happy Birthday to my sweet little one! She is doing wonderfully and being as perfect as ever, of course. She's grown up a lot this month for sure! Here's a little about what she's been up to during her seventh month of life. More detailed blog posts are soon to come.
  • She's VERY mobile now. Whether it is rolling around the room or army crawling as fast as she can go, she is sure to go after whatever is off limits. There can be tons of toys all around her, but she will grab the dog's rope or my shoes and put them in her mouth. Yuck! She loves to lift up the edge of the rug to see what's hiding underneath (mostly just dirt and dust). 
  • Her first tooth started to come in last week. It's still working it's way out, but you can see it and feel it already.
  • She loves sitting in her highchair! We love it too!
  • She tasted her first solid foods this month too. I'm nursing, so her main nutrition still comes from breast milk. The other food is just for tasting purposes, which makes it less stressful for all of us. First came sweet potatoes, then zucchini, and now apples. She's still learning to swallow, but she does better every day. I really enjoyed making her food and I'm looking forward to the next time I get to do it! I'm thinking avocado, banana, and sweet peas will be next. Oh the possibilities!
  • She is drinking water from a sippy cup now. It's a great way to occupy her at the dinner table, although she's started throwing everything on the floor lately. Let's just say, Adam and I get a good workout at dinnertime.
  • Shopping with Sara Beth is much easier since she can sit in the front of the shopping cart. Brookshire's carts are the worst because the food is level with her. She tried her hardest to pick up an avocado a few weeks ago.
  • Her first Thanksgiving was a good one. We spent the day at my mom and dad's house with lots of extended family that I hadn't seen in 15 years or so.
  • The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we took her out to Frierson, LA to cut down this year's Christmas tree. We were trying to decide between two trees and she yelled "Bah!" (which we interpreted as "Hey, this is the tree for us!"), so that's the one we bought. She made a good decision. Our tree looks beautiful this year!
  • Her language development is coming along nicely (I can't help it. I'm a teacher.). She can now say. "Bah", "blah", "da, da", "da, dee", "mah, mah", and "yah". She also loves to scream and growl for fun! It's fun at home, but out in public, it's a little embarrassing sometimes.
  • Her baby dedication at church was this month. It was a sweet, sweet time! She was surrounded by her grandparents and on her best behavior.
  • Our diaper service ended this week, so Sara Beth is trying out her new "BumGenius" diapers. It's going well so far. I just washed my first load of diapers today. No big deal! I will definitely miss my diaper fairy, Alan, though. Putting out dirty diapers and getting clean ones in return certainly was nice!
Here are some pictures of November with Sara Beth. Enjoy!
First bite of sweet potatoes

Getting ready for her dedication

Rolling everywhere!

Hunting for the perfect Christmas tree

Loving her new diapers

Swinging at the park
Ready for Christmas (on her 7 month birthday)


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