Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mid-Week Getaway

     Tuesday, Adam and I made a quick trip to Dallas for the Jack Johnson concert. Adam was only able to take a half day on Tuesday afternoon and another half day on Wednesday morning, so sadly there wasn't time for a side trip to IKEA. :( We did eat at a great little restaurant before the concert though. I used one of my super discounted gift certificates ($25 GC for $2) from and it was happy hour ($2 off appetizers) so we got to try a lot from the menu without spending a fortune. Yay! The Thai(ish) food was great and the decor was too!

All of this food does not belong to me! I had Pad Kee Mow and Adam had Red Curry.
Thai Tea and Summer Rolls

     The concert was at an outdoor venue so we naturally thought we'd be miserable in the Dallas heat. However, thankfully, our seats were under the biggest ceiling fans I've ever seen and a brief rainstorm came just at the right time. It was downright comfortable! We love Jack Johnson's music! In fact, his music was practically our soundtrack during our 2006 vacation in Kauai. It was also playing when Sara Beth was born. . . I had a ton of his songs on my MP3 player (as one of my relaxation techniques). He was even better in concert than I expected. I heard a couple of new songs that are bound to become favorites:
And of course one of my all-time favorite songs, Banana Pancakes.
Before the concert


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