Friday, July 16, 2010

Tummy Time

We've been trying to get Sara Beth on her tummy more often these days. When she was a newborn she loved being on her tummy. Now she hates it. She gets super frustrated because when she tries to lift her head, her feet fly up in the air. I guess she needs a little more fat on her thighs so things can even out a bit. Anyway, tummy time on the Boppy is our solution to that problem. She doesn't exactly love it yet, but she's getting better every day. Here are some of her cute faces from a recent tummy time. Enjoy!

(OK. This one big eye look is just like Adam!)


Jaime said...

I think that in the second pictures she looks like you! She is precious :)

The Shoemakers said...

So cute! That first pic looks like shes thinking..."What you lookin at Willis?" LOL Let me know if you and adam ever want a day or night out. I need to freshen up on my baby skills :)

Brandi and Adam Hart said...

Aww! Thanks Jaime!
Kayla, I think she's thinking that a lot. She makes the funniest faces!

Carol said...

How cute she is!!!!

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