Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meeting the Team

For nine months they watched my belly grow larger and larger. They refused to throw the baton to me for fear of hitting the baby. They nagged me about getting down and up from the floor as I choreographed parts of the routine. Well, last week, they finally got to meet the baby they'd been so protective of for so long. I brought Sara Beth to the gym for Senior Team practice so they could see her. There were ooos and aaahhs and nobody wanted to get started with practice (Do they ever?). I guess Sara Beth is their little mascot now! Later in the week, I brought her to their dress rehearsal. They were getting ready to leave for nationals so I had to see the results of all their hard work. All the Dixie Diamonds were happy to meet her and tell me what a good twirler she'll be one day. I did bring a little baton for her (you can kind of see it in the last picture) even though I've insisted that she'll be a mountain biker, not a twirler. You never know. . . I may change my mind. . . or she may change it for me!


Nonni said...

Purple is definitely her color!

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