Thursday, July 15, 2010

Homemade Pasta

Every now and then I pull out my pasta machine (the hand cranked kind) and make a batch of homemade pasta for dinner. . . And then I remember how much work it is and realize why it's been hiding in the drawer since last summer. One night last week I made ravioli and a fresh tomato cream sauce. It was delicious, but only made 2 1/2 servings and it took hours to put together. A couple of nights later, I took the leftovers, rolled out some fettuccine noodles, and added some more veggies to the sauce to stretch it a bit. Yummy! I love eating at my house! =)

On a side note, I need to learn more about taking pictures of babies and food. My pictures are always blurry because I turn the flash off so it won't look washed out. I feel like all my pictures look the same. Any suggestions?


Kathy Cubley said...

I have read that natural light is one of the keys to photographing food???? Not sure if that's true, but I do change the setting to fit a cake picture. I'm talking as if I know anything about a camera, and my kids will gladly tell you that I don't. In fact they'll tell you more than that if you ask!! Love the you, the pictures, the food, and especially the baby girl!!!

Brandi and Adam Hart said...

Thanks for always commenting on my blog, Mrs. Kathy! I makes me feel like someone is actually reading these things.

Brooke said...

It is great when you can take the left overs and make a whole new dish to surprise the family! And pasta is certainly perfect for that, isn´t it?
I learnt how to cook pasta for the first time when I was in my "TRAVEL ARGENTINA" two years ago. As from then, I haven´t stopped since I find them too easy to prepare!

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