Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today I am officially 41 weeks and 2 days (9 days past my due date of April 20). When people find out that I'm that much overdue, they always blame my doctor. "I can't believe she's letting you go this long without inducing!" But it's not my doctor's fault, it's mine. I really want to do this completely drug-free and naturally, including going into labor on my own. My OB is getting really antsy about the whole thing. She was ready to induce at my appointment yesterday. But, the ultrasound shows that SBJD is doing well and my fluid and placenta are still good too. So, I'm sticking to my guns for now.

Everthing involves risk, at some level. I feel like this decision about induction is a balancing act. . . which choice is the riskiest? If the baby stays in too long, it could get really big (making natural childbirth harder), it could have a bowel movement in-utero and have to be suctioned a lot at birth, or my fluid and placenta could stop working effectively. If I choose to get medication to be induced, there is a risk of my uterus rupturing, having to have a C-section (the chances go up to 50% with induction), and it drugs the baby too. I could let them break my water, but then, if you haven't had the baby in X number of hours, they do a C-section. There's also a chance that the umbilical cord could come out before the baby does. That means an automatic C-section too.

So, here I sit, 9 days overdue and praying that this baby comes soon. We've had several nights when we thought labor was beginning, including last night. But for some reason, it always stops too soon. I'm already dialated to 4 cm and 70% effaced. The baby has already dropped into my pelvis. My bags are packed and I'm ready! Just waiting on God to stay it's time to meet our little one and trying to hold off this induction as long as it's safe.

Please pray for us!


Elizabeth Taylor said...

Praying for you guys!

Crystal said...

You will know the right thing to do, for both of you. It may not be an easy choice to make, but the end result is a baby either way! Love you.

Kathy Cubley said...

You know that we are praying for you already! We'll just step it up a little!!!

Carol said...

Remember castor oil? It worked for Jaime.

Sherrie Nave said...

I know it's hard to make the right choice, especially when EVERYONE else thinks they know best. This will be the first of many more to come that will make you doubt YOUR choices. Just remember the end result is a healthy mama and a healty baby. It doesn't matter HOW your precious gift enters this world, just safely.

Emily Janise said...

Praying for you and SBJD! I know God will see you through this and lead you to the right decisions. Looking forward to meeting that precious little one!

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