Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last workout class

So, tonight ended up being my last workout class at Mosley's Movements until my doctor ok's me to go back after the baby is born. I would have kept on going until I deliver, but I ran out of classes tonight and thought it would be silly to buy more this close to my due date. Patrick, the aerobics instructor, seemed very relieved that I would not be returning for a while. He's been telling me for a month that he only knows mouth to mouth and that wouldn't help me much. Tonight he said, "You want to see me freak out, see what happens if your water breaks during class!" Oh well, it's been fun and I'm glad I could continue going this far into my pregnancy. It's helped me stay in shape!

Six days and counting until my due date (although that doesn't mean much). Not much change at the doctor visit today. I'll go back Monday for another check.


Carol said...

If working out alot makes your abs do that...LOL. You look great!!!! Triangle tummy and all. Miss you bunches...waiting for that call.

Brandi and Adam Hart said...

Oooo. I should take a picture of triangle tummy. What if we forget what it looks like? :)

Jaime said...

You look fabulous! Get some rest won't have much of that soon :)

Amby D. Taylor said...

I love your blog--such a neat idea. You look so great. Good luck and get some rest!! Make sure you blog about the new arrival soon!!

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