Monday, April 12, 2010

Natural Child Birth

Adam and I spent the weekend in Marshall, TX learning about natural child birth from a professional doula, Jen Courtney. If you are wondering, a doula is a professional birth coach that you can hire to be your emotional and physical support during childbirth. She can attend a homebirth, hospital birth, or birth center birth if you want her to. We're not hiring her (I have Adam as my support, of course), but she is really knowledgable and was able to give us lots of good, useful information about hospital births (what to expect and how to get out of a lot of it).

As much as I would like to have a homebirth, I chose to deliver at Christus Schumpert Highland as a compromise. First, an attended homebirth is illegal in LA and I'm not stupid enough to want to try this alone. Second, we've heard great things about Highland Hospital--- very few rooms, supportive nurses, a little more familiar with natural births, etc.

If all goes well this time around and we can get our insurance to cover a birth outside of the hospital, we'd like to try out Eden Way Birth Center in Marshall for our next baby. We enjoyed our time there this weekend and it's directly across the street from a hospital. So, if you needed it, there would be no problem getting you some medical attention.


Kathy Cubley said...

As long as little SBJD gets here well and happy then the "how and why" can just be our next SS lesson! HA! Throw your Bible or something at me if you need to leave during big church so I won't you

Carol said...

Counting down...everyone at school keeps asking about you!

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