Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sara Beth's Favorite Books (2 years old)

     Sara Beth has a lot of books. . . really. . . A LOT. About half of our collection has been relegated to her closet. About half are on her book shelves (which we need more of). Of the ones that are on the shelves, we read the same ones again and again. Actually, lately she has been loving her library books the most. Those are the ones we read day after day. I thought it might be nice to put together a list of her current favorites. This is mainly for my benefit, so that years from now I can look back and remember what she was in to at 2 years old. But, I always like looking at other people's book lists to get new ideas. So, maybe someone with a toddler will get some use out of this list too. Here it is, in no particular order.

Sara Beth's Top 10 Books for 2 Year-Olds

I love that she can read this one to herself. There is so much to learn from this book-- food, numbers, days of the week, life cycle of a butterfly. . .
Classic. Everyone likes this book, I know. I simply cannot get enough of watching SB roar her terrible roar, roll her terrible eyes, gnash her terrible teeth, and show her terrible claws! It's really cute!
The illustrations are great in this one. It's one of Adam's favorites too.
OK. I guess we need to purchase this one. We've checked it out from library 4 different times. She just keeps coming back to it. She can quote it word for word now.
Great message. "Now sign it!"
Imagination. . . sidewalk chalk. . . We must have read this 4 times a day while we had it from the library.
I loved Little Bear books as a child. Now SB does too! There's just something endearing about these stories.

We stumbled upon this one at the library a few weeks ago. She loved to try to do the yoga poses and act like the animals.

Another great find at the library recently. . . Her favorite part is wriggling her hips like a crocodile.

Reading this book coincided perfectly with blueberry picking season here in Louisiana. 


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