Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hello Blog! It's been a While.

     For me, this blog is like a scrapbook (or at least it should be). I haven't been very timely with my posts in the last few months year. It makes me sad that I haven't documented all those memories. I mean, as much as I enjoy reading other people's comments and sharing our life with the world, this is really just for me. It's where I come back to remember SB's first words or how hot it was on our trip to New Mexico last summer. I look back and see all the delicious concoctions that came from my kitchen over the years. So, I'm going to try to do better. . . starting today.

Father's Day 2012

     I know it hasn't been THAT long ago, but my memory is fuzzy (and getting worse by the day). I know SB and I made Adam breakfast in bed. Once again, that is THE best family tradition that we have! What did I make? Hmmmm. Good question. I have no idea, but I bet it was yummy!
     I do remember the gift that SB and I collaborated on for Adam. I thought it was clever and meaningful, so I thought I'd share it here. Feel free to make one of your own (if your man is a crazy-fast biker too).

     The idea was inspired by this one at, but I had to make it my own. I used some cool fonts ("Cut the Paper" and "NeoRetroDraw") and free clip art to make the design. Then, I printed it on card stock and used an Exacto knife to cut out the word "Daddy" and the triangle in the corner. Sara Beth did some fun painting for me to tape to the back of the page. Now her art work peeks through. It's just in a plastic box frame since it's going out in Adam's man-cave/garage soon, but any frame would work. There you go! It's inexpensive, meaningful, and pretty awesome (at least I think so)!


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Brandi Hart said...

You are welcome, Cristeen! I'm glad you found it helpful.

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