Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quick Trip to the Southwest

     I'm not going to lie. . . I REALLY miss traveling. We'll get back to it one day, but for now, this little trip will have to suffice. So, Adam needed a truck with a back seat so that he could take Sara Beth everywhere. We usually just go in my car, but since I'll be starting back to work soon, we thought it was important that Adam have a functional vehicle. Lucky for us, his friend, Nate, was selling his Toyota Tacoma in New Mexico. Sure, we could've bought a truck in town, but where is the adventure in that? :) So, while SB spent some time with the grands, we took a one way flight to Albuquerque, had some adventures while we were there, and then drove the new (to us anyway) truck back to Shreveport.
     Day 1- We purchased Nate's truck and then hung out with him and his fiance, Mary, at their home. They treated us to a delicious home-cooked dinner of ribs, corn on the cob, and some seriously yummy mashed potatoes. They graciously allowed us to stay with them while we were in town too!
     Day 2- We ate breakfast at Frontier Restaurant where we had our first, but not last, experience with New Mexican chile. Then, we worked off all those calories by doing some hiking. We explored petroglyphs in Piedras Marcadas Canyon and then headed over to hike among extinct volcanoes at the Volcanoes Day Use Area. We had lunch at Flying Star Cafe in the Nob Hill neighborhood. The food was overpriced, but really good. They pride themselves on using local produce in all their dishes. After lunch, we shopped at the farmer's market that was going on around the corner. It was a very different experience than the Shreveport Farmer's Market. It was teeny tiny, but so interesting. There were lots of little lettuces, currants, carrots, and breads for sale. I was dying to buy something, so we bought a big loaf of brioche to give to our sweet hosts. Dinner that night was pizza and cannoli at Saggios with Nate and Mary.
Petroglyphs at Piedras Marcadas Canyon

I thought this one looked like a kangaroo.

Hiking up the first volcano. Obviously, I was working hard! :)

I was amazed at how completely flat the landscape was right up to the volcanoes.

     Day 3- We took at sunrise hot air balloon flight with Rainbow Ryders. It was beautiful, despite the smoke from the nearby fires! Then we explored the Natural History Museum. I think the dinosaurs were my favorite, but doesn't everyone love a good dinosaur? Lunch was at 2000 Vietnam Restaurant (a recommendation from Mary's son). We adore Vietnamese food, and this restaurant did not disappoint. We ended the meal with an avocado tapioca shake. I know it sounds disgusting, but trust me, I'd order it again in a heartbeat! We spent the afternoon at REI and Performance Bicycles. Why do we torture ourselves by looking at cool stuff that is WAY out of our price range? Then we window shopped in the Nob Hill area and had the best coffee at Satellite Coffee. I had a "Dirty Chai" which is chai tea with a shot of espresso in it. Sounds weird, but tastes awesome! The day came to a close with a New Mexican dinner at Sadie's with our friends.  

Adam got to help inflate the balloon.

Up in the air

Two kissing balloons

Our shadow on the not so Rio Grande.

Adam enjoying the slightly smoky view.

     Day 4- On our last morning in Albuquerque we treated Nate (Mary was under the weather a bit) to a plate of blue corn pancakes with homemade butter at Sophia's Place which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on Food Network. After we filled our bellies with deliciousness, we hit the road, on our way to Palo Duro Canyon in Texas. Four hours later, we arrived to EXTREME temperatures. Did you notice how I wrote that in all caps? EXTREME. . . like 125 degrees in the shade and over 140 in the sun. So what do you do in heat like that? Well, you hike, of course! We are stupid sometimes, I know. This was one of those times. I made it about a mile on the trail before we had to turn back. I really felt like I was going to pass out. I can't even explain how hot it was! I'd love to visit the canyon again one day in cooler weather. It's a beautiful area to behold! That evening, we had tickets to see the show "Texas". It's a musical about the history of Texas. Sounds cheesy, right? Well, the stage is right in the middle of the canyon so the background is beautiful. It was fun for all and a great way to spend the evening. We stayed overnight at a hotel in Amarillo.
You heard that right. . . 125 degrees of hotness!

We saw this thermometer after our hike

Scenic overlook from the top of the canyon.

Day 5- Driving, driving, and more driving. That's all folks! We made it back home and were sooooo happy to see sweet SB again after 5 days apart! She probably had so much fun at Nonni and Opa's and then at Nana and Papaw's that she forgot to miss us much.


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