Monday, May 30, 2011

Itzy Bitzy Teeny Weeny

Here is the modest little swimsuit that I originally picked out for SB to wear this summer. She looks adorable in it and it's functional too-- the swim diaper is built in!

Here, you can see the itzy bitzy bikini that her great grandmother bought her as a birthday gift. Not as modest, huh! Well, it's too cute for words, so she will get to wear it. But the one piece will still be the go-to suit most of the time! :)


The Shoemakers said...

That's neat! Where did u get the one with the swim diaper built in??

Jonell Hart said...

She's a bathing beauty, no matter what she wears!!

Brandi Hart said...

Kayla- I bought it at The Swim School.

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