Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Big "B"-day Party! (Part 2)

     I am so proud of the little bubble outfit that I made for Sara Beth to wear at her party! It's just a simple pattern, but I appliqued a cute little bird on the front, added bows to the legs, and even made a hair bow to match. She looked so pretty in it. It was even good for playing too (which is important, you know). I was one proud mama!

SB in her B-day bubble
     After all the guests had their fill of the outside activities and yummy food, we headed inside to do the traditional birthday singing and cake smashing. I expected to see SB with cake all over her face and hands, but that's not exactly how it went. We put on her birthday bib and hat, lit the candle, and started singing, "Happy Birthday to you. . . . " She seemed to be enjoying hearing us all sing to her. When it was time to blow out the candle, she reached for the flame. Adam blew it out as fast as he could, but SB grabbed the wick the instant that the flame went out. It was still blazing hot, so she burned (pretty badly) her finger. Que the song: "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!" She was hysterical for a few minutes and never really took to the cake after that trauma. We tried to stick her hand in the icing and put a little cake in her mouth, but she wasn't interested at all. Poor thing! Check out the sequence of events in the picture collage below.
Here, Papaw. You can have the cake instead!
I have to give big thanks to everyone that helped me pull this party off. I'm sure I'll forget somebody, but here's my attempt. Thank you. . .
  • Adam-- for designing the invitations, building the barrels and signs, climbing up into tall trees to hang my paper pompoms and lanterns, and for everything else you did!
  • Mom-- for making those delicious nests, picking up the cake, and helping me set everything up!
  • Mrs. Jonell-- for the gorgeous flower arrangements, allowing us to use your home, washing all those dishes, decorating her birthday wreath, and blowing up the balloons!
  • Mr. David-- for hauling all my stuff back and forth and for grilling the burgers!
  • Daddy-- for helping Mr. David grill the burgers!
  • Carol-- for being the party photographer! You got some really good shots!
  • Diana and Stephanie-- for letting me borrow all your party stuff!
  • All our family and friends-- for coming out to celebrate our little girl on her first birthday. Thank you for the books and gifts that you gave to Sara Beth! But, most of all, thank you for being a part of our lives! We love you!
Here are a few links to some websites that I used for inspiration:


Jonell Hart said...

I love the photo collages! Lots of photogenic subjects!

Brittany said...

Sara Beth's party looks absolutely amazing! Your theme and decorations are so cute--- I'll be making a party hat for Owen next year! {He reached for his candle instead of blowing it out, too. Crazy kiddos!}

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