Monday, November 22, 2010

Homemade Baby Food

     I've been neglecting the blog lately. My excuse? No time. Sara Beth is in a very hands-on stage right now. It's not a bad thing, but it does take all my attention.
     For the last 6.75 months, Sara Beth has been exclusively breastfed. No water, cereal, formula, or baby food yet. She's been gaining weight, meeting all the right milestones, and growing strong and smart with just her momma's milk. I'm pretty proud of that! What a blessing!
     Well, she's growing up fast and it's finally time for her to taste what else is out there. (I've put it off long enough!) I'm still planning to nurse her every four hours or so, except during the night when she goes 10-12 hours. The baby food is just for tasting, to get her used to solid foods. She tasted sweet potatoes for the first time this morning and seemed to like them. It was a fun morning for our little family!
     Those of you that know me well, will not be surprised that I'm making SB's food from scratch. No offense to anyone that uses jarred baby food, but here are my thoughts on it. Adam and I do not eat very much packaged food, so why should SB? Baby food is really easy to make, so no worries.
     Here are some pictures from my first time making baby food and Sara Beth's first time eating it. Enjoy!

Sweet potatoes and zucchini from the farmer's market and organic apples from the grocery store

Sweet potatoes ready to steam. I love this little machine (Thanks, Carol!), but you could do the same thing with a pot of water, a steamer basket, and a food processor.

All cooked and blended

My supplies- A cookbook, freezer trays, and Sara Beth's first sippy cup of water

Almost done and ready for the freezer

Her first bite of yummy food-- delicious!


The Shoemakers said...

That is really neat. Where did you get that steamer thing that makes the food?

Jaime said...

Good for you! I had the best intentions and even tried to make some food for Olivia but could never get it smooth enough. Super Baby Foods is a great book and has some good recipes if you don't already have it. Can't believe how big she's getting!

Brandi and Adam Hart said...

Kayla- Carol got it for me at William and Sonoma.
Jaime- I do have that cookbook. I got it on sale for $5.

Jonell Hart said...

Great job! She's gonna love it!

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