Thursday, October 21, 2010


     Sara Beth has the cutest feet! I'm sure everybody thinks that about their babies though. Her Nana and Nonni have bought her quite a collection of cute shoes already, but she rarely wears them. I just can't stand to cover up those little piggies! It's getting cooler though, so I'm going to lose this shoe battle whether I like it or not. On one of the first chilly mornings in October, Sara Beth wore shoes for the first time. Here's the proof!
     Speaking of shoes. . .
For one of my recent sewing projects, I made Sara Beth a pair of fleece shoes. They came out really cute, but they don't stay on her feet very well. So much work for such tiny little shoes!


Kathy Cubley said...

So cute! Save the fleece shoes for her baby dolls and you can let her enjoy your hard work later, too. Shoes are so hard to put on a little foot that likes to be free. (and I was searching for the HUGE ENORMOUS BUMP on her forehead.....I am unimpressed! This may be "pre bump" ?) Love you and enjoy your pictures even if I can't stop to post. Kathy

Brandi and Adam Hart said...

That's a great idea, Mrs. Kathy! And yes. . . this was a few weeks ago. . . pre-bump!

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