Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SB's Big Day

     Sara Beth's real birthday was a couple days before the big party, so we made it special for her. I LOVE birthdays! I LOVE making the people I love feel special! First, we got her a twin bed, along with some new bedroom decor. We surprised her with it earlier in the week. She loved it! Then, on her birthday morning, she had a super-delicious breakfast in bed made by Daddy. Let's just say there were Nutella and strawberries involved. Yum! She opened a small gift from us, three new Rescue Princess chapter books, and then we told her the big surprise---- We were going to the zoo in Tyler, TX! The original plan was to take John David along for his first zoo experience, but he woke up that morning throwing up repeatedly. Poor guy! He spent the day at Nana and Papaw's.
     After a fun day at the zoo, we headed home to one more big surprise. Sara Beth had specifically asked to have Counter Culture frozen yogurt for her birthday, so she knew where we were going. What she didn't expect was to have her grandparents and two of her cousins there to sing to her too. She even got to open a few more gifts. We loved every minute of our sweet girl's big day!
Breakfast in her new bed
Arriving at the zoo
Feeding the birds

Giraffes and elephants!

This is "her" goat. She is looking forward to seeing it again next week when we go back with her class.

Little brother was feeling all better by that afternoon.

Our family surprise (minus Nonni, who was playing photographer)

Yummy! Plain yogurt with gummy bears. What a great day!


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