Saturday, August 3, 2013

John David is 3 Months Old

     What can I say about our big boy? For starters, he is BIG. . . weighing in at 15 1/2 pounds! He's really not that chubby (although SB loves to talk about how cute and chubby he is), but he looks like a 6 or 7 month old already. He is an amazingly good baby!!!! Seriously, he really is. During the day, he eats, plays for an hour and a half or so, then starts to get a little bit fussy. I put him down in his crib and he naps for a while. Repeat several times throughout the day. When it's bedtime, I change his diaper, dress him in pjs, lay him down in his crib, turn out the lights, and he sleeps for 12 hours. I'm not kidding! No rocking, singing, or shushing (is that a word?) required. I'm sure it can't last forever, but right now it rocks!
     John David is precious. I mean, seriously, I'm smitten with him! That smile. . . that squeal. . . his crazy mo-hawk hair. . . those chubby little feet. . . his sweet personality. . . the way he lights up around Sara Beth. . . I could go on and on. Happy 3 months, Little Man! 

At 3 months old, John David. . .
  • sleeps all the way through the night every night! Sometimes I have to wake him up in the morning if we have plans. Other times, he wakes on his own, but even then he never cries. I just notice his legs kicking or hear faint grunting noises coming from his crib.
  • is grabbing and holding on to his toys.
  • looks at his hands like he has just discovered them.
  • sucks his thumb (noisily).
  • can "stand up" (not on his own of course).
  • likes to squeal and coo like crazy! I wonder if SB will let him get a word in edgewise when he gets older.
  • tolerates tummy time. Like his sister, he is not a big fan of it. Poor thing! His head is big and heavy. How can we expect him to hold it up longer than 30 seconds at a time?
  • stayed in the church nursery for the first time last week. He did great! His teachers said he was an easy baby. I've let him stay in child care while I work out too. I'm a worry wart about it, but at least I can see him through the window while I work out.
  • wears 6-9 months clothes. Yes, you read that right!
Snapshots from this month:
Sciport fun with Nana

Just one of Sara Beth's babies

Working on his grip

Tummy time

Loves to sleep and loves his thumb

These two are a perfect pair!


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