Thursday, July 4, 2013

John David is 2 Months Old

     Things are settling down a bit now that we have 2 months under our belt. We are back into a weekly routine (for the most part) and starting to get a little bit more sleep at night. John David is growing so fast that he hardly seems like a little baby any more. He eats like a champ and has the weight to prove it! All the newborn clothes have long been put away. Now, even the 3 months outfits are getting snug. I sure wish he would slow down a bit!
     John David has experienced a lot in his short little life. He's been berry picking at Blueberry Hill three times, gone to the movie theater twice, and even hung out at the bowling alley a couple of times. He's been in the pool several times and enjoyed the water at Splash Kingdom Water Park last week too. Basically, he just tags along everywhere we go. Ah. What a life!
     This month, he also got to meet his paternal great-grandparents and great-uncle for the first time. Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Tim came to visit from Texas and we spent lots of time together. John David is blessed to have such a great family. 

At 2 months old, John David . . . 
  • weighs about 13 pounds. 
  • has the craziest hair! Most of the time, it looks like we gave him a mo-hawk. He is already losing a lot of hair on the sides.
  • is only waking up once during the night to eat and get a diaper change. He's even slept all the way through the night (10 hours) twice. I can't wait until he makes that a habit. The first night he did it, I woke up feeling better than I had since he was born.
  • has the best smile EVER! I love that he responds to our voices now and lights up when he focuses on our faces. You can't help but laugh when he flashes his adorable smile at you. I dare anyone to try!
  • loves his sister! She makes him happier than anyone else can. Sara Beth reads and sings to him while I'm nursing. She prefers him to be in her room when she is playing independently. Sometimes, she plays doctor with him.
  • "talks" to us. He has discovered a few new vocal sounds and loves to have some back and forth "conversations" with us.
  • holds his head up very well. He is flopping it less and less each day. 
  • is starting to grab, hit, and kick the toys hanging from his activity mat.
  • took a bottle for the first time this month. It's nice to be able to leave him with someone else when I need to.
  • has a bad case of baby acne. Although it's starting to clear up a little now.
Blueberry picking with friends

Sara Beth and Daddy feeding him his very first bottle

Happy Father's Day!

Best big sister ever! She read him 19 little books that day. . . and he listened to every one of them.

4 generations of Hart men

The cuteness is too much! Love his low dimple!

Lots of swimming fun this month!


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