Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's a Boy! John David's Birth Story (Part 2)

Part 2: Labor and Delivery

     I really need to live in a different state, where natural, nonmedicated childbirth isn't some alien concept. When I was pregnant with Sara Beth, I had to fight off induction in order to wait 11 days past my due date for her to make an appearance. It was stressful and scary, but she did finally come on her own. Thankfully, I was able to have the natural birth experience that I wanted.
     With this pregnancy, I had a new doctor (my first OB retired), and while she is very sweet and personable, she is not completely on board with natural childbirth. I felt like I had to argue every decision that was made. She wanted to induce me for any number of reasons: gestational diabetes, a big baby, the baby's dilated kidneys, etc. Finally, an induction was scheduled for Friday, May 3rd, the day before my due date. After several attempts to strip my membranes, I began to have regular contractions on Wednesday night. We were so happy that labor was starting without a hospital induction (or so we thought)! We got Adam's brother, Travis, to come spend the night at our house so that we wouldn't have to disturb Sara Beth. Then, we headed to the hospital at around 1:00 Thursday morning. After 6 hours of contractions, monitoring, and checking, I just wasn't progressing. I came in at 4cm and went home at 4cm. While we were disappointed, we looked forward to getting some sleep and eating our own food before going in at 5am Friday for the induction.

It's Birth day: 5am at Highland Hospital
     We loaded the car and got to the hospital at 5am on Friday. The plan was to get checked in and start the first round of IV antibiotics (because I tested positive for Group B Strep) before my doctor came in to start the induction at 6:30. It was so strange to be at the hospital without being in pain. We just waited in our room until they got to us. My doctor broke my water at 7:30am and then we waited. The contractions came; I rolled around on my birth ball; we waited. By 11:30, I had barely made it to 5cm, and my doctor started talking about giving me Pitocin. I broke down immediately. This is why I didn't want to be induced! Birth should not be timed. It's not a test! I refused to even listen to the suggestion of medication. We asked everyone to leave the room. I got on my hands and knees (which is how I labored with Sara Beth) and true labor began. I guess you could say I got scared into labor.
     From that point on, I progressed slowly. But, it was enough for my doctor to leave me alone. Toward the end, I remember being so sensitive to sound. Did that nurse just giggle at me (She didn't by the way)? Why is she talking so much? This song is annoying! Once again, Adam was the best labor coach I could have asked for! This time around was less physical for him. With Sara Beth, I needed him to press on my back during every contraction (for like 6 hours straight). This time, he talked me through every contraction, telling me to relax my body and let it do its job. Like the first time, I lost my concentration (and my quietness) toward the end, when I was exhausted and the pain wasn't giving me a break. I pushed for what seemed like forever, but was really an hour and a half. Finally, after 12 hours, at 5:39 pm, our baby was born!

Welcome to the world, John David Hart!
John David Hart- Born on May 3, 2013- 8lbs. 15 oz.- 21.25 inches long

Happy family, with our new little blessing
     I hardly remember the doctor saying "It's a boy!", but I remember Adam being so excited to tell our family. He ran out to them, slid down the hallway in his socks, and told our family the news. Apparently, he told them that the baby weighed 8lbs 16oz instead of 8lbs 15oz, and they won't let him live it down! John David was put on my chest right away and soon even latched right on to nurse for the first time. Sara Beth soon joined us in the delivery room to meet her little brother. We wanted her to be a part of the experience too.

Sara Beth meeting her brother
To be continued. . .


Rachel Guy said...

Awesome story Brandi! So proud of you to go natural!!! I started having contractions around 11 Sunday night. By 3:00 am that morning we decided to go in. The first time the nurse checked me I was 6.5 cm. No induction or breaking of water, but I did get an epidural when I was around 7.5 cm. I was 10 cm a few hours later. He finally broke my water at 10 cm right before he came out! Sheppard is our "book end." I am trying to enjoy every moment(even the waking up at night). I try not to think about him being my last baby. I loved being pregnant and will miss that greatly. Again I am so proud of you! You are one strong woman! I hope you too are enjoying these first weeks with your new baby boy! Wish they could stay this little longer. Can't wait to continue reading your blog!

Blissfully Ever After said...

Beautiful and brave, Brandi. I know you must feel such an amazing sense of accomplishment and you have an awesome little one to show for all your hard work. Great blogging too!

Brittany said...

Yay! This is what I've been waiting for :O) I can't wait to read more!

Beau said...

Congratulations Brandi! John David is precious

Hugs, Kathleen

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