Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Farmer's Market. . . One Year Later

Last summer, Sara Beth was just a few weeks old when she made her debut at the Shreveport Farmer's Market. We did our produce shopping there every weekend. I carried her in the Snugli carrier and later the Baby Bjorn (which is much nicer). We got to know the regular venders and they looked forward to seeing her grow week by week. Here we are on opening day, June 2010.

Here we are one year later, June 2011, on opening day of the market. One of the produce vendors recognized me from last year and commented on how much SB had grown. When I told him that I used his produce to make her first baby food, he was so proud. The market is huge this year! So far, in addition to my normal purchases, I've also bought compost and carrots. I love buying local!


Jonell Hart said...

If the garden were doing a little better, we might be vendors there, too. haha

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