Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Brand New Name

     Sara Beth is very talkative and has lots of words in her vocabulary already. She can say (in her own little way) ball, book, dog, cat, Zilla, Daddy, Uh-oh, bite (for another bite of food), water, etc. All those words and no word for her mama. :-(  Today, in the car, she and I were talking back and forth like we always do. I said "mama" and she would say "baba". Repeat that about 20 times and I finally figured out that "Baba" is my name. Hooray! I have a name and it is "Baba" to SB. Then, the reading teacher came out in me and I realized that when looking at your mouth, "mama" and "baba" look very similar. Your lips come together with the /m/ and /b/ sounds. So, that's where she got "Baba" from. Just thought I'd share. . .


Christina said...

The ONLY time Chord says "mama" is when he is crying.

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