Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summertime Swimming

Last night we headed out to Keithville to visit with the Williams clan. There was a house full of adorable kids. Carol invited us over for dinner and swimming. We had so much fun (even though Sara Beth wasn't in the best mood)! Carol's daughter, Jaime, along with her husband, Theo, and their two kids, Carter and Olivia, were in town from Colorado this week. They are such a sweet group! Jaime uses cloth diapers too, so of course we chatted about that. Carol made a delicious smorgasbord of salads and other yummy treats for us to enjoy.
The highlight of the evening was Sara Beth's first time in the pool. She finally got to show off her cute swim suit and matching hat. The water was warm and it seemed to calm her down. She didn't make a sound while we swished her through the water and bobbed up and down. "Thanks for such a fun evening, Grandmaw Carol!"-- love, Sara Beth (notice how she speaks with such robust vocabulary already. She's advanced like that!)  :)

Getting my swimsuit on
Playing with my new friend, Olivia. She is a cutie!
The family


The Shoemakers said...

She is a very good baby and Cute too :)

Nonni said...

She looks so adorable in her swimsuit and hat!!

Carol said...

So glad you all got to join us for the special fruit salad day! Come back again soon!

Kathy Cubley said...

Y'all are such a cute family! I love that Sara Beth is so blessed and has the best parents to love and guide her. I'll tell her that again when she's 13!!

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