Monday, May 17, 2010

Cloth Diapers 101

It's been 1 week now since we started our adventure into cloth diapering. Tomorrow will be our first pick up from the diaper service. Boy, is it about time! Our diaper pail is full to the top with barely enough room for today's diapers. It's been ok so far. I'm not over the moon about them yet, but they really aren't much more trouble than disposables. We are still perfecting our folding techniques, trying our hardest to find a way to contain the poo. Pee diapers are no problem! But the poo. . . it always gets on the diaper cover (which means more laundry for me). Oh well, it's a learning experience, I guess!

On another note. . . we've been loving all the sweet friends who have visited and brought over food and gifts! We feel very loved! Thanks everybody!


April Chronister said...

I think that's pretty much the deal (the dirty diaper covers to wash ALWAYS:) Enjoy the nice breast milk poo while you can. Just as soon as she starts on real food in a few months, PEEYOOO!! Big kid poo, but still soft or even runny is normal until they are 2 or more. It seems to me, as they grow you exchange one tough job for another whatever stage it may be. BIG salute to you, Adam, and Sara Beth for what this does for our planet. My Mom did it with 3 of us. I know y'all can do it. Hang in there! Soak it up!

Anonymous said...

How are you keeping the diapers on? Sully likes to try to shove pins into his thighs, and the stretchy Y things stick his skin. I'm wanting to try them over the summer but don't know if I can do it after all this time with disposables :)

Kathy Cubley said...

I think that my memories of everything baby related are covered in a haze of fondness and age! It was "the most full time and hardest job" on earth. No break, no day off, and all around thankless! What could be better, right? You are in the early part where "life before Sara Beth" is still fresh, but soon this everyday will become normal and easier and even comfortable! I assure you that everything you think and feel is common to moms! She will learn such wonderful things from you even though you feel as though you have no sense at all right now! You are tired, and she is not. You need to fold the demon pile of laundry, and she is hungry. You need to take a bath or dress and she's still hungry. You need.....and she needs you!!! BUT IT WILL GET BETTER! Just not today. I can be in that mommie place in my mind in two seconds and only when I look back am I able to see how quickly it passed. In the middle of that life I rarely saw the light of day! That's why Nanas can "smile and rock". My babies should be there instead of thirty-something! Relax and enjoy...she will want the keys to your car tomorrow! I love you both so much! ( treat yourself to a few disposable diapers and I'll take the blame!)

Brandi and Adam Hart said...

Kristin, we are using the snappis. You just have to make sure there are 2 layers of diaper where they attach so he won't get scratched. You could try the all-in-ones like the Bum Genius ones that I was going to use. They don't need a snappi or pins.

Anonymous said...

Thanks...I hope all is going splendidly - I'm sure it is!!! She is a beauty!

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